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Yesterday evening, I finished a pass of revisions. I celebrated on Twitter and in my Instagram story. Wanting to try something I'd seen so many people celebrate, I even typed the words "The End". All but the last two chapters had been sent to my critique partner for feedback. Since she didn't catch anything major in the previous chapters, I figured the last two would be about the same. I figured a few more tweaks didn't count, so I could call the draft complete.

This afternoon, I read the email my CP sent me with some general notes (I still haven't looked at her actual comments in the document). She pointed out two major plot point errors. One, I agreed with right away. The point that the ending isn't the best, I understand where she's coming from, but part of me isn't sure if I should change it. That's probably the lazy part of me. I spent about an hour pondering the issue while going about my day, and I think I found a good option of how to end the story.

Here's the thing: I wrote the first draft of this story during a NaNoWriMo, the second one I'd ever done. And I hadn't written a single word the rest of the year. So when it got to the end of November, I was tired of writing. I phoned it in a bit. I kind of knew where I wanted the story to end, so I picked a really stupid, and maybe too cliche, way to do it. I knew all along that it was stupid. During my first pass of revisions, I completely rewrote the ending, and it was a definite improvement. But, it can probably still use some work.

So why am I disappointed? I was so excited that my draft was almost done. And then I was made to realize it wasn't. But like all setbacks I encounter, I will press on. I will climb this hill (thank goodness it's not a mountain) and will conquer. In a few days, I will really have finished my draft.

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