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Nanowrimo Recap

It's December! As I shared in my last blog post, I participated in Nanowrimo this November. And, I won a day early, getting to the 50,000 words on Sunday. This was my 6th time participating, and though I've won all the other times, it was always on the last day.

In October, I wasn't sure I'd be able to find enough time to write. I had a virtual Bible study group I attended each Thursday evening, and I couldn't write during my son's nap time on the weekends like last year since he doesn't nap anymore. But somehow I found the time. My husband was gracious and gave me an hour each Saturday and Sunday to write (mostly) uninterrupted and I wrote a few hundred words after my Bible study group.

This year, it felt like the words came easier than the first few years I did Nanowrimo. I think the credit goes to doing writing sprints with other writers. The Ottawa Nanowrimo group has a Discord channel that almost always had sprints going on during my writing time in the evenings. There were a few people who wrote so many words, I wasn't sure how they physically typed it all, let alone how they came up with that many words. My word count for each sprint tended to be a bit higher than the average of the people participating in the sprints with me, so I didn't feel like a turtle writer.

What am I going to do with the project I completed? I'm not sure. It might never see the light of day. Almost the whole way through writing it, I was telling myself that it didn't matter what I wrote because I'd probably be rewriting it from scratch. Part of the reason I might rewrite it is the age category. I want what I publish to attract similar readers. My debut novel is young adult. What I just wrote falls more under the adult umbrella since the main character is much like me: married with a child. The advice to write what you know was followed this time around. I do think the world I created holds potential, so maybe I'll do whole new characters and write something else with the same concept. Who knows. This story will sit on my hard drive and thumb drive indefinitely.

What are my plans for December? Relax a bit, watch some Netflix, maybe watch season 2 of The Mandalorian, do a puzzle. When I've gotten all of that out of my system, I'm going to start finding beta readers for the project I wrote last November. A few months ago, I started doing my own revisions on it, and there are only a few more changes to do. I'm excited about this book, the concept I came up with, and how I executed it. If you're interested in reading a story about a young woman who discovers she's a princess in the Kingdom of God (which I set in my hometown of Ottawa) then send me a message.

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