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Self Doubt

Let's talk about self-doubt. It seems to plague everyone in the writing community. If you're a writer and have never had any self-doubt, would you mind sharing your secret?

Yesterday was a particularly bad day for me. It was mostly brought on by some comments my husband had made about my story. I know that they are his opinion and I don't have to change things to be the way he thinks they should be. But most of the stuff he said, I know he has a point.

Throughout the day, I figured out why his comments bothered me so much. I even tweeted about it. I have been revising this story for months. I have put a lot of hard work into it. I did revisions on my own, I did revisions after my first beta reader round. I did a few more revisions on my own, ran it through a critique partner and did revisions based on what she said. So many changes, so much hard work, and there are still problems. There's still more hard work to be done.

I had to rethink why I am making myself go through all of this hard work. One day, I'm going to hold a physical copy of my book in my hands. That day, I'm going to thank my today self. I'm going to thank my tomorrow self for putting in more hard work to get my book from a cubic zirconium to a diamond, or something close.

So self-doubt, you can go hide in your little whole. I know you'll be back, but I'll fight you again!

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