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Perfection is the bane of many a writer. We chase that elusive state of our text but never seem to achieve it. At a certain point, we have to give up and let it be. I'm still trying to get as close to perfection as I can. There are still things that need to be fixed based on my latest round of beta reader feedback. Some things are easier to fix, others I'm still not sure if or how I should fix them.

Speaking of beta reader feedback, I think this second round has given me enough information to know what to fix. At the start, I wasn't sure if I would need a third round, but so far the feedback hasn't been horrible, thankfully. After I do the developmental changes, I'll need to do at least one more pass to do line edits, but I think I'll hate that much less than the type of revisions I'm currently doing.

I do realize that there's no way I can please everyone. Like so many people like to point out, even Harry Potter has bad reviews. That only slightly lessens the hurt negative comments cause. I'm doing my best to address all the issues brought up while still going with my gut and trying not to compromise the heart of the story. It's not easy.

My best friend (who isn't a writer) has been supporting me through this process. She's been reminding me lately that at a certain point, enough will be enough. I know I haven't reached that point quite yet. We've been praying together that God would guide me in my revisions. Because if this story is something that God wants to use to touch people, then I just need to rely on Him to guide me.

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