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Inspirational fiction

I recently joined twitter to be part of the writing community there. It’s been fun so far. One of the common questions people ask to get engagement, is what genre do people write. It’s a very valid question, but not being too sure what to reply, I went with “Christian YA”. But I want what I write to be more than just a story.

The other day while I was walking to the library with my son, it hit me: inspirational fiction. It felt like the right description for what I write. I don’t see myself as very inspiring in real life, but I do through my writing. What I write, I envision people from teens on up to grandparents reading, and after they’ve read it, they go away just a bit different. I want to plant an idea in their head that stays there and makes them think. Maybe it will inspire them to treat other people better, or to deepen their relationship with God, or even to start seeking God.

Being a follower of Jesus most of my life, it’s imbedded in who I am. There was this story concept I had for a few years and when I finally got around to writing it, I decided to just write a story. I wanted to see if I could share the story with everyone and not offend those who don’t believe in Jesus. But part way through writing the story, my relationship with God crept in. I couldn’t keep Him out of it. So I went with it, and the story turned into so much more. My writing was so much better when I stopped trying to push that part of me down.

What point am I trying to make? I’m not so sure. Maybe I just wanted to share my epiphany with others. Maybe I wanted to document this for later when I ask myself why I am writing. Maybe I thought this post would inspire people. Whatever it is, here is my first blog post.

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