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April Camp Nano

Life has been crazy. That probably goes without saying. But that doesn't explain or excuse my lack of posts lately. I got focused on getting my revisions done and applied, so much so, that this blog got neglected. But I'm back, for now. To be honest, the last two weeks have been very stressful. The whole time I was thinking "What is happening? How could this be happening?". But I think the reality of the next few months has finally set in. I have officially booked a line/copy editor and paid the deposit.

Paying that invoice was a step of faith in these uncertain times. But I believe my book will have an audience no matter what is happening in the world. Maybe it is needed even more with all this upset in the world. And maybe book sales will increase since people have more time on their hands. For a few weeks, I was stalled, hardly doing any work on my book. But Camp Nanowrimo starts in a few days, and I intend to use that to do a full pass through the story. As novels go, mine isn't very long, so I think this is a doable goal.

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