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Liz Henderson

Inspirational fiction with a twist


Liz Henderson

Liz Henderson is a proud Canadian, born and raised in the capital, Ottawa. Having always enjoyed writing, Liz decided to get serious about it on Halloween of 2013 when she decided to do NaNoWriMo. Over the next 4 years, she successfully wrote over 50,000 words in the month of November. Liz is married with two children. Her debut novel came out in late 2020.



Viridian Dreams

Ezra is eagerly waiting to find out if he’s been accepted into university. But when the letters arrive, they’re all rejections.
Devastated by the turn of events, he goes for a walk to clear his mind, accidentally stumbling onto another planet. The guardian angels living there reveal that there is no way for Ezra to get back to Earth. Without a way to make difference back home, does it even matter that he’s stuck there?
Ezra begins having dreams about a girl who is on the path he wanted to be on. But the girl is in fact real. Is she the key to help the guardian angels in their time of need?
Come experience the vivid planet of Chromvah as Ezra tries to learn what he was created for.

Viridian Dreams Official Cover.jpg


In the three years since she graduated from university, Anne Brown has struggled to find her place. People she sees regularly don’t seem to remember her.

When a stranger greets her on the bus as if he knows her, Anne brushes this aside. But he shows up again and reveals that Anne is part of a parallel world: the Kingdom. While learning about this other world she’s somehow part of, Anne discovers that her new boss is an enemy of Kingdom Citizens. Agreeing to learn about the Kingdom, Anne begins to question the motives of the Citizens helping her. Is she an odd curiosity or even just a do-good project?

Will Anne learn how to defend herself before her boss makes good on her threat to ruin Anne’s career or worse? And will she finally find the connection she yearns for?

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